Stomach Cancer

The application of 5-ALA for differential diagnostics of stomach diseases

Author(s): OKHOTNIKOVA Natalia L.; DADVANY Sergey A.; KUSZIN Michail I.; KHARNAS Sergey S.; ZAVODNOV Victor Y.; SKLYANSKAYA Olga A.; LOSCHENOV Victor B.; VOLKOVA Anna I.; AGAFONOV Valery V.

59 patients with stomach diseases including gastric cancer or polyp, gastritis, esofagus disease were investigated. Before gastroscopy all patients were given 5-ALA in doses Smg, 10mg and 20mg per 1kg of body weight orally. Fluorescence diagnostics (FD) which estimates concentration of ALA-induced PPIX in regular and alternated tissues of gastric mucosa were carried out in 2-4 hours. Using of 5-ALA has shown high diagnostic effectiveness for differential diagnostics of stomach diseases. This technique has proved 10 diagnosis of cancer and revealed 15 malignant stomach diseases including 4 cancer in situ for patients with preliminary diagnosis of gastric ulcer. It also revealed 5 patients with enhanced fluorescence for which aimed biopcy has shown high degree of inflammation process. The latter were assigned as a risk group.